Touch Scan Pro App Reviews

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Love the possibilities

It would be awesome if you guys added more customizibility, then itll be five stars


Do not get this gay app they have the same thing for free the only thing different is that you can change the colour of the scanner

Am I paying for this?

Umm... When u got this it was free but now it is $0.99 am I paying for it?

Good but not great

Pretty cool


Fun but GHEY at the same time!

Wasnt this free

This was free


Simply Cool

How does it work?

I bought it but all it does is a stupid scan of ur thumbs. Does it do anything else???


It says the same messages over and over again dont get its gay

Heh heh

I got when it was free :P

Pointless and gay

This is a @&$/: dumb app


got this when it was free, its f@$king dumb

waste of money

i got it when it was free... pretty dumb at first but the only good thing is when u can change the messages to sumthing funny dont buy it please!! very lame!!


Complete waste of money just dont buy it.

Not worth Money!

Got it when is was free deleted it then and wouldnt buy is now. It isnt worth money! Bottom line:Not worth it, I feel sorry for you if you paid for this.

Very Boring.

I got this when it was free. Now it cost 1 buck and they didnt update it. So please make it better. I know it cant read the finger. But try your best.


It was stupid when it was free and its still stupid when it costs money

Oh no!

This is bad but it is good for a joke! Remi, from Canada Ps: if you want a good game, buy karatefly for only 0,99$!!!!!


This is the most stupid app ever made.


This app sucked at free dont make us pay for it

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