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Touch Scan Pro app for iPhone and iPad

4.3 ( 1023 ratings )
Utilities Entertainment
Developer: Gary Fung
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 26 Mar 2009
App size: 1.79 Mb

Instantly turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Lie Detector, Love Meter, Security Test, IQ Scan, Horoscope Reader, Criminal Recorder Scanner, and more! Scan your thumb or fingerprint by simply touching the screen. Get results immediately.

Customize TouchScan Pro in your devices "Settings" app (scroll to bottom).

Try it on your friends - its fun!! Create your own scan results like this...

For Lie Detector, try this:
Message: Uncertainty Detected! Severe interrogation is required to obtain adequate answers. Do you comply?

...Love Meter
Message: Physical contact required. Please lean closer to your counterpart. ;) Try again?

...IQ Scan
Message: Unusually low IQ. IQ is too low for device capability. Retry?

Can be used as:
• Babe Detector
• Fat Scan
• Age Guesser
• Lie Detector
• Love Meter
• Security Test
• IQ Scan
• Horoscope Reader
• Criminal Recorder Scanner
• Loser Detector
• Boss Detector

A fun trick you can play on your friends, boss, spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, kids. Endless Possibilities!

Note: This app is for entertainment only and does not represent a real fingerprint scanner. It does not transmit radioactive waves. -

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Pros and cons of Touch Scan Pro app for iPhone and iPad

Touch Scan Pro app good for

Hard4u. Has a funny comment... It is a fun app.. Easy to fool people at your wantings.... But I think you should put a singerplayer mode where only you ca scan your finger or whatever body part... And the iPod eill make its own comment like the foulrtune cookie app and people could post/share what they wrote to each other over the Internet... But this is sill a good app...
App is great your an idiot if you actually beleve an iPhone could read finger prints !?!? Its MADE too be a joke people !!
Lol good app i puted there that he is GAY n he always try but it keep showing gay he was angry
this app is a bit stupid ,,, when you open the app it wort perfect and after strong afinity.
Wow a lot of you people are dumb, go to settings on your iPhone and then go to the bottom, and the apps settings are there and you can change it to whatever you like. Its a joke not a real scanner

Some bad moments

Not worth downloading. Object is youre suppose to get someone to touch the top of your screen while you touch the bottom, then it scans - tada displays results right? WRONG This thing no matter which finger I put down, my own two, a warm wash cloth, my dogs paw-it shows the most outrageous results I.E. I should date my dog and Im in love with my washcloth! Ya right. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME
Ive never written a reveiw but I felt people should know this app is GARBAGE!!
Why are the top aps so crappy can some one keep track of this this app is stupid and useless Id like some more usefull apps to download and if its in the top 25 it should be good this app Was a total waste off time and energy why do people make stupid crap like this
Do not get this gay app they have the same thing for free the only thing different is that you can change the colour of the scanner
I bought it but all it does is a stupid scan of ur thumbs. Does it do anything else???
It says the same messages over and over again dont get its gay